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Sharp, angular and refined. A new Presage design series combines tradition and modernity: PRESAGE SHARP EDGED SERIES

Sharp, angular and refined. A new Presage design series combines tradition and modernity: PRESAGE SHARP EDGED SERIES

Since time immemorial, a central aspect of the Japanese sense of beauty has been simplicity. To create objects or images of refinement and grace with few elements and no extraneous decoration has long been an aim of many Japanese craftsmen and artists, and it is this aesthetic that lies at the heart of an important new series within the Presage collection. In every detail, this new Seiko Presage Sharp Edge Series is a powerful and fresh expression of Japanese artistry

The interplay of angles and light 

Many flat surfaces meet to form sharply defined angles.
The Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series case and bracelet incorporate many flat surfaces that have a modern sharpness that allows the watch to shine and sparkle from every angle. Three of the four watches in the new series have a super-hard coating that protects the case and bracelet from scratches and also endows it with a long-lasting brilliance. The precisely engineered and polished surfaces and the crisp edges of its silhouette contrast with the subtle hairline finish to create a pleasingly multi-dimensional effect.

A traditional Japanese design graces the dial

An intricate Asanoha pattern decorates the dial.
The dial incorporates a Japanese Asanoha or hemp leaf pattern, familiar in Japanese culture for its use in design since the Heian period over a thousand years ago. The fibers that make up the plant's stem were traditionally used to make fabrics and the leaf pattern holds a special importance in Japanese culture as it symbolizes rapid, strong growth and was thought to bring good health, especially to the young. The rich texture and intricacy of the dial's sharply edged geometric pattern create a subtle color gradation as they play with the light at different angles.
The traditional hexagonal pattern that resembles the Japanese Asanoha.

Four Interpretations reflecting the craftsmanship of Presage

The series comprises four new watches, each offering a dial with a different traditional Japanese color; Shironeri, an unbleached silky white, Aitetsu, or indigo iron, Tokiwa, the color of evergreen trees and Susutake, a brown-toned smoked bamboo. The watches are all powered by the 25 jewel Caliber 6R35 which delivers a power reserve of 70 hours. The glass material is sapphire crystal, and the exhibition case back, also in sapphire reveals the delicate finishing of the movement. The four watches will be available from September 2020 at boutiques and selected retail stores worldwide. 

Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series

Presage Sharp Edged Series
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