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Seiko PROSPEX LX Line Limited Edition

Seiko PROSPEX LX Line Limited Edition


The LX Line was introduced from the Prospex collection as the pinnacle of Seiko sports watches. The name "LX" hints at the Latin word for light and is a subtle nod to the way that light is reflected in the board, flat surfaces of each case. It is a premium sports watch collection that strikes the perfect balance of modern aesthetic sense with high practicality. 

The new LX Line is equipped with Seiko's unique " Spring Drive" movement, which demonstrated its durability, strength and capabilities through its use in outer space in 2008. 

The limited edition expresses the beauty of the earth's atmosphere seen from outer space. 

This is a special model in which the mystical scenery of earth, as seen from space, is brought to life by a graded dial and two-tone colored sapphire glass bezel. 


Reproducing the Gradient Color of the Stratosphere 

The stratosphere's change in color from black to blue is expressed in the graded dial and the two-tone color bezel. The beautiful finish of the watch shows various expressions that differ depending on the angle of light and is reminiscent of the beauty of the earth illuminated by the sun. 

Evolution in design reflected in the watch case

The watch's design is based on the historic 1968 Diver's, Seiko's first diver's watch that had 300m water resistance and a high beat movement.

 A Prospex re-creation of the 1968 Diver's was honored the Sports Watch Prize in 2019 at the world's most prestigious Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve. The LX line inherits the original case design of the 1968 Hi-Beat Diver's. 

The Zaratsu-polished distortion-free mirror surface of the cases exterior and lower center of gravity created a modern look and greater comfort on the wrist. 

* In an actual product, the case back direction might be difference from the photograph

Seiko's unique Spring Drive 

It is equipped with Caliber 5R66, a Spring Drive movement with GMT function that proved its performace in space. 

Spring Drive's natural glide motion of the seconds hand around the watch dial evokes the scene of a spaceship navigating in the silence of outer space. 

The case back is marked with the letters " LIMITED EDITION" and a serial number between 100/400 and 400/400 as a certificate of limited quantity. 

Seiko Prospex 


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