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From the introduction of its first sports watch in 1959, Seiko has been the choice of adventurers and explorers, while spearheading innovations in both technology and design. Prospex, short for “Professional Specifications” continues this legacy with both diver’s models for the sea and sport’s watches for the air and land.


With re-creations and re-interpretations of such landmarks as the first Diver’s watch in 1965, it’s first high-beat diver in 1968, and the first titanium professional saturation diver’s model in 1975, Seiko honors the iconic designs of the past while still staying true to it’s mantra of “Keep Going Forward”.

Prospex, short for “Professional Specifications” continues this legacy with both diver’s models for the sea and sport’s watches for the air and land.


Seiko Prospex continues to set new standards with vigorous design and advanced automatic mechanical movements such as the 8R mechanical chronographs with vertical clutch and column wheel for smooth, stutter free operation and the high-torque hand-assembled 8L35 caliber, engineered expressly for high intensity timepieces. In addition, the 6L37 movement allows a slim profile while meeting the strict standards for diver’s watches and the 6R54 GMT automatic caliber offers a power reserve of 72 hours, three full days.

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This creation features a “Hakuji” dial that highlights the pure white color of the porcelain material through an application of transparent glaze. Simple bar indexes have been used so as not to detract from the porcelain’s luster, a quality enhanced by the curved surface of the dial's outer circumference... ( Read More )
After the success of the King Seiko collection's second design series, known as the KSK, a wide range of case shapes and designs entered the collection from the late 1960s through the 1970s as Seiko saw many advances in technology and design creativity. Today, a new series inspired by a vintage design born in 1969 joins the King Seiko collection... ( Read More )
The transparent light-blue molded dial evokes the power, beauty, and infinite radiance of the starry sky. The dial's appearance changes depending on the angle of view... ( Read More )
In 2012, Seiko took electronic watchmaking to a new level with the Astron GPS Solar, which connects to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and adjusts to every time zone* at the touch of a button while generating all the energy it needs from light alone. Today, a new chapter in the history of Seiko Astron opens with the launch of a new movement, which,.. ( Read More )
Since its introduction in 2016, the Presage collection has melded Japanese artistry with Seiko’s longstanding mastery of mechanical watchmaking... ( Read More )
In the decades since it introduced Japan’s first diver’s watch, Seiko has created a wide range of diver’s watches that have won the favor of professionals and enthusiasts worldwide for their safety, reliability, and ease of use... ( Read More )
The black titanium case and bracelet take inspiration from the dark of the night sky. The glittering gradation dial expresses the sky as it gradually begins to light up from the dark of night... ( Read More )
In 2021, a new Speedtimer series was introduced into the Prospex collection in honor of Seiko’s rich and continuing tradition of sports timing. .. ( Read More )
Seiko introduced its first diver’s watch in 1965. In the decades since, the company has developed new technologies, designs, and features that have made its collection of Seiko Prospex diver’s watches a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts the world over. .. ( Read More )
Since the beginning of Seiko in 1881, the company has continued to innovate in line with founder Kintaro Hattori’s philosophy to be "Always one step ahead of the rest." .. ( Read More )